Intriguing Technologies I’m Dying to Try Out

Over discussions with friends, colleagues and industry contacts I’ve compiled a list of some kick-ass technologies that the industry is excited about.

Intriguing Technologies by @edlee

Klout – yes it has it problems, namely it can be gamed very easily, but this is a good step to being able to quickly classify people’s circle of influence. Excitement rating: 3/5

Wowio – a new platform for distributing, sponsoring and consuming content. Excitement rating: 2/5

Rapleaf – gives you data on any email address. Seems pretty invasive but provides amazing insights to marketers. Excitement rating: 4/5 (reluctantly!)

Pluck/Buddy Media/Shoutlet/Syncapse/traxc – social media marketing platforms. There are only a few clients with the scale, velocity and momentum to warrant using these platforms but I’m excited to open up the tool boxes and have a play. Comprehensive list here. Excitement rating: 4.5/5

Crimson Hexagon – incredibly powerful real time social media listening and insights platform. Unfortunately a price tag to go along with the power. Excitement rating: 5/5

Many Eyes – a do it yourself infographic creator, brought to you by IBM and Cognos BI. Not sure if I have the technical chops to make this work for me but none. Excitement rating: 5/5

Key Word Labs – a nifty web application that shows you the questions people are asking that contain your keywords. Considering how people are using search these days, typing in full questions, knowing what will be searched for allows you to intercept on behalf of your clients through keyword tagged content (video, images and copy). Great planning tool. Excitement rating: 2/5

Bluefin Labs – a quite astounding piece of software out of the MIT media lab that tracks the social media reaction to TV commercials, down to the channel the spot aired on, the programme it was shown in and the slot it went out on. The backend shows you sentiment and demographics in UI that allows you slice and dice the data any which way you choose. Excitement rating: 5/5 (US only for now though)

That’s me, how about you – what technologies are you dying to try out?

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