Biggest Advertisers On and Off Line

Fascinating to look at the world’s largest advertisers in the online and offline world.

Rank Offline Advertisers Online Advertisers
1. Procter & Gamble Co Scottrade
2. AT&T Inc TD Ameritrade Brokerage
3. General Motors Corp
4. Verizon Communications Inc Verizon
5. Pfizer Inc E Trade Financial
6. News Corp Sprint
7. Johnson & Johnson
8. Time Warner Inc Scottrade Stock Brokerage
9. Walt Disney Co
10. General Electric Co E Trade Financial

Why are none of the advertisers in the first column in the second column (or vice versa)?

Noah Brier, from who I grabbed the data has a few thoughts:

  • The data is incorrect
  • Money is spent where it is not measurable or spent more in “non-working” dollars (i.e. communities, branded content etc)
  • The Big One – no one has convinced big brands that online advertising is a viable medium for brand advertising. It is a direct response medium and no one wants to launch a new or support an existing brand with solely online advertising

Interesting stuff, as is the infographic below:


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