Things Real Bloggers Don’t Say About Social Media Marketing

Over the last 18 months or so, I’ve felt myself moving away from the traditional online PR approach to social media – influence the influencers – and towards something more akin to community building and turning my clients into social media influencers and publishers themselves, with large audiences to have genuine conversations with. But influencer outreach remains a high priority in our toolbox at Radar DDB and in the last few months we’ve seen (our Toronto) clients asking for more and more outreach activities as part of their programmes.

As always, there is a spectrum of success but one thing I’m always mindful of is that the people we reach out to are real people with real lives who write out of a passion for the subject after they’ve put in a full day’s work at their day-job. So we want to make talking about our clients as easy and as compelling as possible. Sometimes it may mean getting (disclosable) free stuff, sometimes it means a short email and a link but it always means being as personable and as human to them. So in light of a few email pitches I’ve received recently, and in light of my favourite new tumblr account, here’s an image I’ll be using in some upcoming presentations.

Things Real Bloggers Don't Say About Social Media Marketing

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One Response to Things Real Bloggers Don’t Say About Social Media Marketing

  1. laurent says:

    I really like your idea of ‘community building’. Truth is that influencers (who have a blog) are already connected in virtual niche communities corresponding to their area of expertise/passion. If you outreach to them without being one of them, it can work if you perform due diligence and personalize your pitch (not just name, but by referring to something they wrote). But if you can be one of them that’s awesome. To get there, you need to know who they are, read what they wrtie, and start engaging to build a long term relationship, first with a few, then with more. It will take months or a year to become part of them but the pay off is huge. In social media, relationship matters

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