Social Media is like The Wire

If you have chosen 2011 as the year you or your business will get serious about social media then I feel the same way towards you as if you were about to start watching The Wire, the greatest TV show ever made.

That is, I’m intensely jealous you’re about to experience this amazing medium with fresh eyes and a fresh perspective for the first time. I remember the first few months when I was exploring social media with no preconceived notions or hang-ups just as vividly as I remember McNulty and Bunk interviewing a corner kid about Snot Boogie and realising that this wasn’t something I’d seen before. I remember realising this was a complex, interwoven and textile being which would challenge everything about TV I had experienced to that point – just as social media will challenge your skillset and comfort zone.

So enjoy this year and enjoy the ride as well as all you’ll learn from The Wire, including an MBA refresher.


4 Responses to Social Media is like The Wire

  1. Bob LeDrew says:

    Ed, EVERYTHING is like the Wire. The game is the game.

  2. Stephen says:

    The first time I understand what blogs and blogging (pre social media) meant I couldn’t sleep. Blew my mind.

    Now I’m just immune to it all.

  3. Stephen says:

    *understood not understand.

    I’m tired.

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