The Alphabet According to Google Canada 2010 Edition

Last year I did a quick look at what Google suggested you search for for each letter of the alphabet (see below for an example). With Google Instant having been rolled out this is turning into an important battle ground for SEO – not only do you need to own you own name and related terms but you need to own your own letter.

Google Instant - A is for Air Canada

I’ve put the 2010 results side by side so we can see the change over time – as always, the trend is more interesting than the result.

Letter 2010 2009
a air canada air canada
b best buy best buy
c canadian tire canadian tire
d dictionary dictionary
e ebay ebay
f facebook facebook
g gmail gmail
h hotmail hotmail
i ikea ikea
j job bank job bank
k kijiji kijiji
l london drugs Lotto 6/49
m MSN Mapquest
o Oilers OSAP
p Plenty of Fish – online dating Plenty of Fish
q quotes quotes
r RBC Rogers
s Shaw Scotiabank
t TELUS TD Canada Trust
u utube (!) UFC
v Visions Electronics Via Rail
w Westjet Weather Network
x xbox XE – Currency Exchange
y YouTube YouTube
z Zellers Zellers

So what do Canadians like?

  • Shopping (8); Electronics specifically (2)
  • Social (4); Video specifically (2)
  • Email (3)
  • Travel (2)
  • Hockey (2)

I wonder if my location is something to do with the results? I’m in Calgary for 2010 and I was in Edmonton if memory serves me correctly for the 2009 edition.


3 Responses to The Alphabet According to Google Canada 2010 Edition

  1. Miridunn says:

    On Dec.31, 2010 I got: Air Canada, Best Buy, Canada 411, Dictionary, Ebay, Facebook, Gmail, hotmail, IKEA, Job Bank (wow), Kijiji, ICBO (what?), Mapquest, NHL, OSAP, Pirate Bay, Quotes, Rogers, Skype, Telus, utube, Via rail,Walmart, Xbox, youtube, zellers.

    I am in Sydney, Nova Scotia

  2. collin says:

    I think it matters if you are logged in to Google or not too. Google remembers where you have been.

    I’m not sure however… its mostly a mystery

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