How Connected Are You?

Do you have trouble slowing down and shutting off? I know I do – more on that later – but is it any wonder considering the myriad ways we can be contacted? Here’s how I can be contacted with a running tally in brackets:

  • any one of my four work email accounts (4)
  • my hotmail account (5)
  • my gmail account (6)
  • BlackBerry Messenger (7)
  • text message (8)
  • phone call to any of the three (work, BlackBerry and home) phone numbers (11)
  • comment or contact form on my blog (13)
  • Facebook wall post or direct message ( 15)
  • Windows Live Instant Messenger (16)
  • Twitter @ message or direct message (18)

…and I’m sure I’ve left some out.

Is it any wonder we find ourselves overwhelmed if this is the sheer number of inputs to our lives? And that’s not to mention the volume we take in through those inputs or through other media we consume.

How do you manage the inputs to your life?


I was sent a link to “10 Online Tools for Better Attention and Focus” after twittering this post:


One Response to How Connected Are You?

  1. Colin Finlay says:

    Hi Ed,

    I think many of us find ourselves in the same situation. I know I do. For those of us that haven’t learned how to cope however, there is help.

    I personally use a system that allows me to manage it all in a way that suits my life and allows me some balance. Here’s how I do it:

    1) I use a program to help organize my social media input. This allows me to monitor a number of inputs/outputs all in one area.

    2) Email is something that I only answer twice a day. If it is so important that it has to be managed right away then people know to call me.

    3) Voice Mail is something most of us have on our phone lines. If you don’t then I suggest getting it. It is considered rude to take a call when you are currently engaged in another activity with someone, so I don’t answer. I will check my voice mail once I am free and it allows me the ability to prioritize my time.

    4) Don’t forget to smell the roses. As hard as it seems to do, sometimes you have to remember the world, your organization will most often continue to function without you. It’s important to maintain a balance in life otherwise you may lose sight of what your passion is, and why you enjoy doing what you do.

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