2010 In Review

It’s always fun to whip out the old crystal ball and play Nostradamus. Today I’ll look at what I got right/wrong in 2010 and tomorrow I’ll talk about what I’m excited about for next year

Twitter [down] – man, I got this one really wrong. Twitter has gone from strength to strength and I got a great demo of its advertising options earlier this year. 2011 – up.

Facebook [up] – I think I also got this one wrong. Facebook has continued to innovate but not at the same ferocious pace. However, our head planner reminded me of a killer stat – 90% of the world’s population is not on Facebook. Plenty of room to grow. 2011 prediction – sideways

Foursquare [sideways] – I think I was pretty solid on this one. LBS consolidated in 2010 and may be poised, with Places, to move up this year, 2011 prediction – up

Mobile marketing [up] – safe to say I was right on this one. Consumers continue to adopt smart phones and get used to downloading applications from all sources – including brands. 2011 prediction – up

E-mail marketing [sideways] – I’m further away from email marketing than I was in 2009 so its hard to say with any certainty. I saw a tweet from someone who’d know who says the top ecommerce purchasers are usually in the email file. Probably not the same growth potential but still a very viable channel. 2011 prediction – sideways

Social media as customer service [down] – I hope organizations have realized that customer service through social media is teaching our consumers the wrong habits. Find a way to take it private until its resolved and then let your new advocates spread the gospel. I heard that the Canadian brand with the most negativity on Twitter is one that uses it most for customer service – not good for your Net Promoter Score. 2011 prediction – down

Augmented Reality [up] – not quite the break-out technology of 2010 but not far behind. The new generation of AR is very much tied to smartphones and mobile marketing so I’ll likely retire this one next year. 2011 prediction – up.


One Response to 2010 In Review

  1. David Jones says:

    Great post. Couldn’t agree more with your predictions, outside of email marketing. I think the CRM potential linked to social media can only improve the sophistication of email marketing and the business potential of social media. I’m bullish on the integration of the two in 2011.

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