Sometimes I just want to sell some hubcaps

From the same vein as “all I’m looking for is some really tasty sausages” comes this article on AdAge which reminds us not all companies, brands, products or organizations are right for social media:

“That old CMO doesn’t need to publish content or tweet his innermost and briefest thoughts. He doesn’t need to innovate, crowdsource or chase any other imaginative term marketers use to hype the pretense that branding’s magic will cover up the realities of business, or that the hopes for it are any newer than really old and outdated expectations.

He needs to sell better hubcap fasteners, and there are a wide variety of operational ways he can do so. Sharing that reality with his customers is the marketing opportunity offered by the social web, not a substitute for it. Isn’t doing anything less, or different, just a distraction?”

via The Dangerous Lure of the Social Web – Advertising Age – CMO Strategy.

However, that CMO should know the role reviews and endorsements play in the automobile buying process, along with the difference between his younger customers (who are influenced by their peers) and older customers (who are influenced by respected, usually mainstream, authoritative voices). He should also know the role of search in finding that perfect hubcap and the influence social media plays in search. And what about the increasing role of location based services within social media and their ability to precisely target offers.

I don’t think the answer is to become a publisher, but that’s not to say there’s not a role for social media to play in his mission to profitably sell more hub caps.

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