Digital Marketing: A Client’s Perspective

How do clients see the social/digital space? Shiv Singh, a former agency guy who is now at PepsiCo where he’s responsible for digital in its beverages business, has a great post listing out six observations from the client side:

  1. Digital Marketing complicates life for a marketer
  2. The current structure of the advertising ecosystem is not perfect.
  3. Brand Marketing is indeed in a crisis.
  4. Agencies are fabulous but they aren’t that fabulous.
  5. Biases drive a lot of marketing decisions..
  6. Ideas matter an incredible amount but help us think beyond ideas

There are two quotes I thought were really bang on. First, #2 – The current structure of the […] ecosystem is not perfect:

In the digital space, digital agencies don’t like that the fact that they’re at a significant relationship disadvantage. Brands don’t like the fact that they’re sometimes kept at arms length from consumers (agencies and publishers are in the middle). Digital agencies feel traditional agencies don’t get it and traditional agencies can’t understand why brands don’t completely appreciate their digital chops.  In a sense, everyone is unhappy. That’s not good.

The second point that really resonated with me was #6 – Ideas matter but help us think beyond ideas. I think what Shiv is saying is that “thoughts matter”. A thought, as I discussed with our Creative Directors, is creativity which doesn’t fit in with strategy. We have lots of thoughts which ultimately help us to get to an idea but even beyond the “big” idea we need to be considering implementation. How does the idea live in each channel – and what does that look like? From the week’s worth of social content, to the rich media to the website to the Facebook whatever it is. As Shiv says:

We get so many great ideas from so many different agencies every day [snip] that we can’t help want more and more.

Ideas are easy; blowing them out into an actionable and appropriate plan is hard.

The whole piece is a really interesting read: From the Other Side – Advice for Agencies – Going Social Now.


2 Responses to Digital Marketing: A Client’s Perspective

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  2. Rusty Cawley says:

    There is a seventh point from the client side that social media advocates tend to ignore: Social media expose organizations — especially large corporations — to new vulnerabilities for which they are not prepared. Example: Nestle and its Facebook fiasco.

    We are sadly lacking in our risk analysis for participating in social media, and our communications strategies for mitigating those risks.

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