Spotting Me Spotting You

I’ll be at a couple of interesting events this Thursday October 27:

In the morning I’m talking about overcoming barriers to the adoption of social media for financial institutions for the American Marketing Association’s Toronto chapter, courtesy Jacky Hoodregister here. I’m trying out a new (for me) presentation deck style so I’m excited to see how it goes down with the audience. Of course I’ll be sharing the deck here and on my SlideShare.

In the evening I’ll be at the DDB Canada sponsored AdLounge event, Conversuasions as the emcee presenting intimate fireside chats from some great leaders in the marketing space. The storytellers are my former boss’s boss, Mia Wedgbury, Tribal DDB Chicago Group Creative Director,  Jim Marcus and WestJet’s social media guy, Greg Hounslow who has a great title to his chat – from Polar bears to social media! You can register here.

Apologies for the slightly self-serving post but I’m excited to be at these events, let alone be participating.

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