25 Twitter Shortcuts

If you have the #newtwitter web layout, you may be interested in these keyboard shortcuts, discovered and cataloged by the inimitable Drew Benvie:

  1. J – moves the highlighted tweet down one tweet
  2. K – moves up a tweet
  3. Space – moves screen down
  4. Shift-Space – moves screen up
  5. Shift H – top of screen
  6. Shift R – replies to the tweet you’re hovering over
  7. Shift F – favourites the tweet you’re hovering over
  8. Shift T – retwets the tweet you’re hovering over
  9. Enter – opens tweet to the right hand panel
  10. F – favourites that tweet (star)
  11. R – replies to that tweet
  12. T – retweets that tweet
  13. Enter again – closes opened tweet
  14. M – opens ‘Message’ in a pop-up window
  15. Esc – closes ‘Message’ pop-up window
  16. N – opens new tweet in pop-up window (Esc closes again)
  17. / – goes to search
  18. Shift H – goes to home
  19. . – refreshes tweets
  20. g then m – go to inbox
  21. g then r – go to replies
  22. g then f – go to favourites
  23. g then p – go to your profile
  24. g then u – go to a person’s profile
  25. g then h – go to home

via Drew B’s take on tech PR: 25 new Twitter keyboard shortcuts #newtwitter.

yesterday i had a call with twitter. today, #newtwitter - loo... on Twitpic


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