Win a Ticket to the IAB Canada MIXX Conference

The very nice people at the IAB Canada have invited me to attend the September 29th MIXX Conference in Toronto and I have a ticket which could have your name on! There is a great line-up of speakers with some really fascinating looking content so even if you don’t win a ticket, you can still go to the website and buy one.

All you need to do in order to win this ticket is to post the best measure of success in social media marketing in the comments below. I’ll pick the one I like the most (this is totally subjective) and send your name to the MIXX organisers so when you show up on September 29 (at the Carlu), you’ll be welcomed with the appropriate bells and whistles.

MIXX Canada

The advent of wireless technology officially emancipated the Internet from the first box (the office), way back in 1985.Since then, the Internet has flowed from desktop to laptop and onto Mobile devices with an ease and speed that has surprised most. The result, of course, has been a trail of winners and losers strewn across the media landscape in the wake of all this liberation.

Now with the sky as anything BUT the limit, and the Internet and Interactive advertising able to appear on a floor, wall, building and body part near you, it’s imperative that companies and marketers prepare their game plans for this new set of disruptive technologies…

September 29, 2010 Full-day Keynote Speakers Include:

  • Pranav Mistry, MIT Media Lab (U.S.) If you think Social Media and the iPhone changed the marketing game, imagine a world in which every ordinary surface and object — floors, walls, desks, paper, clothing and even body parts — has the potential to become an Interactive interface. In this world, not only can information can be projected onto the objects, but it can also be pulled from them, dragged and dropped into other digital environments, and manipulated with a never-ending series of personally-customizable and naturalistic gestures. If you’ve seen the film Minority Report, you’ll recognize the concept of the “anywhere interface,” but did you know that it was researchers at MIT that inspired Steven Spielberg’s depiction of the floating, talking, Gap ads that were created for this now classic Sci-Fi thriller set in 2054? Pranav Mistry is also a researcher at MIT, but he’s not waiting until 2054 to let the Internet out of its “box.” In fact, he’s already created and gone beyond many of the elements and applications that were illustrated in the film. And while consumers will no doubt be delighted with the upcoming exponential increases in the portability, accessibility and malleability of their digital powers, there will be negative as well as positive impacts on the advertising ecosystem as a result. Some argue that the “anywhere interface” is simply the next generation of the smart phone; others feel changes in this area are destined to be the next big disruptor of both real and media life as we know it. Which is true? Find out, as Pranav Mistry of MIT explains his “Sixth Sense” technology, and other links between digital devices, information and our interactions with the physical world.
  • Vincent John Vincent, President, GestureTek (CAN)
  • Jonathan Burns, Director of Business Development, Ad-Dispatch (CAN)
  • Pieter Goiris, CEO, Boondoggle (EU)
  • Mike Monello, Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director, Campfire (US)
  • Jason Theodor, Creative Director, Blast Radius (CAN)

Remember, just post your best measure of social media success in the comments and you could be in the MIXXer.

3 Responses to Win a Ticket to the IAB Canada MIXX Conference

  1. Sulemaan says:

    Great question. I don’t think there is a simple answer. It really depends on what your strategy and objectives were from the start. (I.e. Increase # of FB followers by 45%, hit a certain number of campaigns impressions, increase the aided and/or unaided brand awareness of a product, etc.). The best measure really depends on what your established goals were on the front end and whether or/not you achieved them. I’d suggest that is a mix of quantitative and qualitative. Opinion of one from the peanut gallery. 🙂

  2. Mick Higgins says:

    Great points by Sulemaan, but I think the best measure of success in social media is what we are doing right now. Commenting!! FB likes, Twitter followers and retweets can all be manipulated. The true measure is engagement.

    Wheather negative or positive, readers engaging the topic not only increase the value of the content, but also fuels a community. Commenting not only builds a community, but it also creates new questions to answer.

  3. Danie says:

    Both are great answers.
    In my opinion the best way to measure success in a social media campaign consists on two things:
    1) Having clear and specific objectives
    2) Focusing on correlation

    You need to ask yourself where numbers are leading you to. For example, does your increase in twitter followers relate with higher sales? Are people who like your page buying your product online? The isolation between the qualitative and the quantitative variables is what makes it so difficult. Agencies generate SM reports without having any idea of how the market reacted. Both need to be analyzed together.

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