Five Great CMO Blogs

There’s plenty of great blogs out there but the one’s I pay special attention to are from the people I admire or want to emulate. John Ellett from nFusion Group has a list of his five favourite CMO blogs.

  1. Nigel Dessau: Hosted on the AMD blog site, Nigel shares his insights on the business in a personal way. But he also writes separate blog called The Three Minute Mentor, which contains quick, career-related advice and offers answers to common questions.
  2. Sam Decker: Soon-to-be former CMO of BazaarVoice, Sam shares his insights on social commerce and digital marketing.
  3. Jim Davis: Jim is the CMO of SAS and shares his insights on business, analytics and technology.*
  4. John Dragoon: When John, CMO of Novell,  takes time to write a post, he really writes a thoughtful piece.
  5. Randall Beard: As EVP of Nielsen, Randall shares his insights from his vantage point of seeing lots of media data.

via 5 good CMO blogs. Why aren’t there more?.

There’s also a list of the top CMOs using Twitter, produced by Social Media Marketing Magaizne.

* Disclosure, SAS UK and EMEA was one of my first ever clients in the PR industry.

5 Responses to Five Great CMO Blogs

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  2. […] 2010-09-16T08:02:44  RT @Dilennox: #SAS Jim Davis makes @edlee list of favorite CMO bloggers; [link to post] […]

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  4. John Ellett says:

    Ed, thanks for sharing the story. I wish there were more CMO bloggers to write about.

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