Unlocking Your Inner Insight

The act of planning and strategy development requires equal portions of time, dedication and insight. In my mind, it is vital to separate the planning discipline from the account discipline in order to effectively develop these insights and be removed from the business side of things.

So, with that in mind, how can you put yourself in the best frame of mind to generate those insights? PSFK has the answer, with more detail in the link below.

  • Quiet
  • Inward-Looking
  • Slightly Happy
  • Don’t Try So Hard

So…the most insightful planners are shy, introspective slackers who are content with their lot in life? Does that sound right to you?

via How To Facilitate Insights – PSFK.

One Response to Unlocking Your Inner Insight

  1. Dan Cheek says:

    I think that maybe that quiet, shy, slightly-happy slacker might be good at coming up with some good ideas (they probably have a lot of time to think as they sit in their dark room, alone). However, I think it takes a different type of personality type to actually do anything meaningful with those ideas.

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