Budgeting Your Social Media Spend

So we all know social media should be part of pretty much every marketing communications plan – especially for consumer packaged goods brands. But how much is enough? As a social media practice head, my simple answer is “nits never enough”! But those with less biased viewpoints than my own have more rational ways of figuring it out.

Why are you choosing to utilise social media? Is it an obligation, a quest or simply part of a well-integrated plan? What stage is your brand at with your social media adoption? Is it as an experiment, for long term adoption or as a heavy up?

Let the table below determine your spend level – remembering that I would always counsel you to spend more ;-):

Mindset Obligation Quest Well-Integrated*
Experiments 1% 5% na
Adoption 5% 10% 6% (12%)
“Go Big” 7% 12% 10% (17%)
Percentage of prototypical $10m marcom budget
*budgets get lower as money is integrated into other functions. Total percentage is in ()

via: How Much Should Brands Budget for Social Media? – Digital Influence Mapping Project. Link courtesy of David Jones.


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