Three Thoughts

Three thoughts on a windy Saturday morning:

1. I wish there were a better, free, delicious app for the BlackBerry than Genicious (which worked on my old Bold, but not my new one – grr). I read a lot on the go and often want to save articles for later. For now I’ve decided to Twitter the links and hashtag them #ttbm (Tweet To Book Mark).

2. I have no idea why some agency folks go out of their way to flame brands. I saw a post last night where an agency person absolutely crucified a new campaign from a major, major marketer. That I agree with the criticism is neither here nor there – the point is that, if the client ever put one and one togethern the writer would be blacklisted from working on any of the marketer’s brand portfolio. No matter how much you hate that new campaign, we work in a small industry and there’s no point in limiting your career for the sake of a blog post. No matter how cathartic. The only criticism worth publishing is constructive criticism.

3. Despite the fairly grim economic outlook, many people are starting out on their own and setting up one-person shops in the marketing and comms space. These people are cluing into a business truth I have only just realised – it is easy to get money allocated to your problem but almost impossible to get a new full time position allocated. In a client organisation, you can get endless dollars for agencies to work through, but no more actual people. In a large agency, it is easy to justify a freelancer or short term contract but very tough to show the business case for a bigger team.

Bonus thought:

This may or may not be related to my colleague’s tweet which is best paraphrased to “despite everexpanding bandwidth, we are still trying to cram as much as possible into a 40k (banner ad)” – the same thing applies with people.

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2 Responses to Three Thoughts

  1. interacter says:

    Hi Ed

    Totally agree with “In a large agency, it is easy to justify a freelancer or short term contract but very tough to show the business case for a bigger team. ”

    It’s the same in my current team – a request to make the team bigger was turned down but contractors employed which costs more in the long run (and gives me a bigger headache)…

    It’s a strange, strange world out there…

    And, re point two: spot on.

  2. Totally agree on 2) – seriously, what’s their thought process? Odds are they’re not target audience, so personal perspective as consumer not especially insightful, and as a professional, if you don’t rate something, say how you could do it better.

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