Social Media Grows Up?

A new report out from the Pew Internet and American Life Project focuses on the increasing adoption of social media by those 50+.

We’ve known older adults are using Social Media for some time (and often take a great deal of time to prove this for our clients) but exactly what they’re doing online has, to date, eluded us. According to this research study, the top three drivers of social media usage by older Americans are:

1. To connect with people from their past
2. As a support system for those who are either housebound and/or suffering from chronic disease
3. To bridge the generational gap (i.e. see and interact with their grand children)

So boomers aren’t doing a whole lot within social media that they don’t do already online but the connections part is very interesting – once they are comfortable connecting with people, they will start to feel comfortable connecting with brands and then they’ll become very attractive target audiences within the social media marketing space.

Also interesting to note that email and news gathering are high on the list of daily online activities for the seniors.

Findings: Older Adults and Social Media | Pew Internet & American Life Project.

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