Trendspotting: Business Technology Trends

It’s always good to look at trends in technology, as opposed to the somewhat mypoic practice of looking at the latest flashy website or application. Take a look at these ten technology trends for business, as identified by McKinsey:

Trend 1: Distributed cocreation moves into the mainstream

Trend 2: Making the network the organization

Trend 3: Collaboration at scale

Trend 4: The growing ‘Internet of Things’

Trend 5: Experimentation and big data

Trend 6: Wiring for a sustainable world

Trend 7: Imagining anything as a service

Trend 8: The age of the multisided business model

Trend 9: Innovating from the bottom of the pyramid

Trend 10: Producing public good on the grid

via Ten tech-enabled business trends to watch – McKinsey Quarterly – High Tech – Strategy & Analysis. (free registration required)


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