Digital Doesn’t Just Mean Online

When we talk about “digital”, most of us presume it’s in relation to the online space – content accessed through the browser or a web-enabled application on your browser – but in truth it’s so much more. Digital can be a kiosk in-store, LED based signage or even an interactive billboard like our friends at the Canadian Tourism Commission installed in the US to show off Canada as a tourism destination*:

But what else? Levis was a launch partner for the new Facebook API and boasts the world’s first “social shopping” experience where you can “Like” a pair of jeans and, more importantly, see which of your friends have “Liked” a pair of jeans directly on the website – provided you are signed in to Facebook. So when I saw the following out-of-home piece in the TTC, I immediately thought how cool it would be to have a dynamic ticker detailing the number of Likes each product had received on Facebook. That would be a very cool piece of icing on an already tasty cake!!

New out of home Levis ad - how awesome would it be with a dyn... on Twitpic

* Disclaimer – this work was carried out by my Radar DDB colleagues in Vancouver.


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