Prommercials – a new trend?

News from UK is that Faithless has teamed up with Fiat* to feature the Punto vehicle in its new music video “Feelin’ Good”. The deal has been dubbed a “prommercial”.

From the Independent:

They want to sell cars and we want to sell music, it’s getting that symbiotic relationship to work, which is interesting and challenging,” said Sister Bliss, founder member of Faithless. “They wanted us to be involved in the creative process, check the script and the director and be totally involved in every way.”

Elena Bernardelli, marketing director for Fiat UK, said she was “quite surprised” that the band allowed the car to be featured so heavily in the video, which includes shots of the Punto Evo’s steering wheel and dashboard as puppets of Sister Bliss and the Faithless vocalist Maxi Jazz dance manically on strings hanging from the car’s rear-view mirror. “The idea of dolls and rear-view mirrors was a fantastic way to show the interior of the car,” Ms Bernardelli said.

Product placement in music (predominantly hip hop) and even the literary scene has been around for years but this sort of symbiosis between product and media is an interesting twist. While music is only promoted for a short period following its release, the videos have been enjoying prolonged, long tail success on YouTube – often getting millions of views from users seeking out the content.

EDIT – the spot is online and, thanks to Nick Burcher‘s comment, below:

The track, sans video, is below for your edification.

While without a reord label, “Faithless share the same management team – ATC Courtyard – as Radiohead, who have been at the forefront of revolutionising music distribution since cutting ties with their label EMI and offering downloads of their 2007 album In Rainbows for whatever fans were prepared to pay for it.” (again from the Telegraph).

*Disclosure – DDB worldwide, and in Canada, works on competing car clients to Fiat.


3 Responses to Prommercials – a new trend?

  1. Nick Burcher says:

    Hi Ed,

    Commercial is now on YouTube

    A bit different to brands just licencing Moby tracks to play over the top of product messages. The car has a special edition called ‘the Feelin Good’ and everything is ‘inspired by Faithless.’ I also believe that this is forming the main (and only?) real promotion for the new Faithless single and album.

    Interesting to see what happens!


    • Ed Lee says:

      hey nick – thanks for the additional context! very cool that the promotion and product and the promotion (makes your head spin!) are so intricately tied together! i was chatting with the team and the idea of limiting yourself to :30s is so silly considering the creative firepower at our disposal. why not start with this 3min piece and edit down for the TV?

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