Campaign Measurement

Rather than post about that campaign again, here are my thoughts on what we should look at when evaluating all campaigns – not just this one.

1. Did it get people talking?

2. Did it drive a long term benefit or association to the brand?

3. Were sales affected by the campaign – did they increase or was a long term decline arrested?

4. Is the sales affect sustainable without prolonged media support/heavy-up?

5. Was the campaign profitable? Did sales exceed 15x the total cost of the campaign*?

6. If sales were not a priority, did the campaign acheive its strategic imperative?

* not sure where I saw this but I do remember seeing something which said that your marketing budget should, generally, be one fifteenth of your total sales. A link to back this up would be nice.


Joseph Jaffe – Sugar and Old Spice.

A clear road map to viral success: Identify an appealing and distinctive idea. Seed the campaign idea broadly to establish interest. Then engage people directly. Nigel Hollis.

Dave Jones: from Spindoctor Dave to Copywriter Dave

Forrester’s best practivces –  Paid and Earned Integration, Adaptive Marketing and Control.


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