Embrace Life

always wear your seatbelt.

Such a powerful piece – and created by someone to whom the cause was important, for free.

“The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership were already looking to create a road safety campaign with a more positive message and so when I approached Communications Manager Neil Hopkins and his team with ideas for a fresh take on road safety filming, it was evident that were all on the same page in our quest to deliver a powerful message, but in a new way.

“Key to the film’s creation was to focus on a message that didn’t take a conventional route to shock and scare the audience; rather it was my intention to bring the audience in on the conversation of road safety, specifically seat belts, and the best way to do this was to make a film that could engage the viewer purely visually and could be seen and understood by all, whoever they are and wherever they lived.”

One Response to Embrace Life

  1. interacter says:

    Hi Ed

    Delighted that you like the campaign and thanks for pushing it further out there for us!

    If you wanted any more info, or my take on the process, please have a chunter through my (personal) professional blog – http://bit.ly/91bNhj

    Thanks again – much appreciate the support.
    Best wishes
    Neil Hopkins

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