We are an industry in flux

Edward Bochs, CCO at Mullen, on the advertising industry’s rapid pace of change, best encapsulated by that man on a horse.

It was only a year ago that most social media agencies went around declaring that traditional ad agencies just didn’t get it. It was only a year ago that advertising creative teams would scream bloody murder if you expected them to generate creative within a couple of days, never mind hours or even minutes.

Well, things change quickly on the Internet.


The social media “gurus” are pulling their feet out of their collective mouths as ad agencies start to raise the SoMe content bar.

The insurgents have changed the game, but the old guard is flexing its muscles and merging great creativity with sector expertise. All this being played out on a back drop of the insurgents in-fighting.

Jeremy Pepper Twitter Wisdom

via Old Spice combines instant, personal and creative in real time campaign | Creativity_Unbound.

One final caveat – as amazing as the Old Spice campaign is, it is yet to pass the final test – sales. The brand is currently down 7% in the US (Wal Mart sales figures unavailable).

Disclosure – W+K and Mullen are competitors to DDB, my employer. Old Spice is likely a competitor to any number of our clients across the globe.


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