Coca-Cola’s Twitter Success – a Caveat

Interesting article in the FT last month on Coca-Cola’s success in sponsoring a trending topic on Twitter.

Coca-Cola saw “phenomenal” results from its first experiment with paid advertising on Twitter, the drinks company’s digital marketing chief told the Financial Times.

The US soft drinks company is only the second brand to sponsor a “trending topic”, using Twitter’s “promoted tweets” to tap into online discussion about the World Cup this week.

It saw 86m “impressions” or views of the ads in 24 hours, said Carol Kruse, vice-president for global interactive marketing at Coca-Cola, which is an official sponsor of the football tournament.

Coke also saw an “engagement rate” of 6 per cent, compared with the approximately 0.02 per cent of people who click on a regular online advertisement.

Such enthusiasm from a large advertiser will come as a boost to Twitter’s nascent attempts to generate revenues from its 190m monthly visitors.

I’m not sure what the definition of “engagement rate” is but I’m not surprised to see that it is high vs. the benchmark of online click-through rates. Early adopters will always enjoy mre success than those who follow – the click-through rate for the first online advert was around 50 per cent (since declined to 0.02 per cent) while AdWords and Facebook ads have also seen their CTRs decline significantly in the time I’ve worked in the space.

So, yes, a 6 per cent rate is great but if your organization or client is looking to get on board with Promoted Tweets, make sure you manage expectations.

via: / Media – Coke sees ‘phenomenal’ result from Twitter ads.


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