Fifa World Cup Headlines

A lousy World Cup for my home country, England, but a great one for media watchers. Some of my favourite headlines from before during and after the tournament:

The Sun predicts an EASY group stage. With two draws and a solitary win, it was anything but.

England Algeria Slovenia Yanks

The New York Post gets carried away with itself:

Greatest Tie Against the Brittish Since Bunker Hill

…and then disenvoes any association with association football.

This sport is stupid anyway

The Mirror gives Fabio Capello some career advice:

The Mirror - Cap Off!

The Star led with the glorious “Fritz All Over”

The 20p Star - Fritz All Over

The Mirror led with the more cinematically themed “Rout of Africa”

The Mirror - Rout of Africa

The Sun didn’t waste any money on a fancy sub-editor, leading with the more straightforward and honest assessment “You Let Your Country Down”.

The Sun - You Let Your Country Down

Final three headlines via the Huffington Post, via @LarysaW. If anyone cares, I’m torn between Brazil and Argentina or Germany for the cup.


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