AT&T Football Headers Augmented Reality Banner Ad Game

If you subscribe to the Radar 10am One Thing (which you can do by following @radarDDB or subscribing to the hash tag #radar10am) you will have seen our commentary on this very cool banner ad from AT&T to conincide with the World Cup.

As you can see, the banner allows you to participate in an augmented reality headers competition through your webcam. Using proprietary motion capture technology, participants can use their webcams to interact directly with the banner ad – and head in corner kicks on the spot. Try it for yourself here.

I tried it (badly) early on Sunday morning while, clearly, still in my pajamas.


This is a great example of timely, relevant and engaging content. I’m not sure how many people would actually use it it, based on the friction across a) clicking the banner and b) having/using a webcam, but for those that do, AT&T will get a phenomenal level of engagement.

In the spirit of constructive criticism (I love the concept and the execution), I’d like to see this a bit more “social”. Why not an option to share your score and drive your network back to the either the ad unit or a microsite. How about letting users embed the (resized) game on their blogs and add levels, leaderboards and badges to get people coming back to turn it into a piece of social currency. Make it addictive like this Roby Baggio Magical Kicks game which saw a particular Associate Account Exec waste a large amount of billable time on in his first year in the PR world?

This ad is currently running in rotation on, and measures at 728×90.


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