AC/DC Rawk Rochester Castle for Iron Man 2

I’ve been meaning to post this amazing video of  AC/DC’s video performance to promote Iron Man 2 in the UK for some time. To celebrate the release, the studio created some amazing visual art using a technique called architectural project mapping to render a 3D experience to the thousands of people who came out to watch the event but, more importantly, the hundreds of thousands who watched it online and were told about it.

Some screen caps are below, but these don’t really do the full video justice.

And the video – proof that the best way to drive social media conversation is through social creativity.

Via Nick Burcher, through which almost everything interesting I find comes!


2 Responses to AC/DC Rawk Rochester Castle for Iron Man 2

  1. Nick Burcher says:

    Thank you for the nice comments (as usual!) Completely agree about the creativity bit, though rather than use the phrase ‘social creativity’ I’ve started using the description ‘Conversational Creativity’ – I thought it had a nicer ring to it!

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