Facebook Activity By Age

Interesting graphic from the folks at Hubspot illustrating the differing level of engagement throughout Facebook’s demographics across a number of activities. I found it fascinating that Forrester’s Technographic profiles weren’t followed more closely, with the older community members out engaging their younger counterparts on activities such as displaying their interests and posting quotes. Youngsters on the other hand were more active in the number of friends they collected, wall posts created and books and TV enjoyed.

I guess you could make a case that older users were “active” on the “passive” activities while the younger users were the ones who are really engaged but I’m not buying that – especially based on the upward slope from teens to twenties.

As I stole their graphic, I would be remiss in not linking to the upcoming (FREE) HubSpot webinar on the Science of Facebook being held June 29th.

From HubSpot, via Social Media Infographics


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