Twitter Adds Top Tweet Ranking

It’s interesting to see how Twitter is evolving its platform in general and specifically search. Previously, searching was real time and searchers were at the mercy of the community – specifically the last 25 users to post using search terms. With Promoted Tweets (still in beta), Twitter allowed advertisers to own search results and now with Top Tweet (see below) it is surfacing high quality content presumably based on a combo of retweets and click-throughs.

Top Tweets Shown on Trending TOpics

This search was performed on by clicking through on a trending search result for former Blue Peter presenter, Konnie Huq.

I’m unsure of entirely how users perform searches on Twitter but if people are actually searching in volume (something Twitter is certainly trying to encourage with “saved searches” and “trending topics” along with claims of 19bn monthly searches) then this is going to be another value add which drives users out of third party apps and onto where the company can control the overall experience. Which includes more advertising.


One Response to Twitter Adds Top Tweet Ranking

  1. I’ve been wondering how tweets become Top Tweets. I thought it was just how many times a tweet has been retweeted, until I saw a Top Tweet today that had no retweets. Thanks for this!

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