Two Planning Tips

I found this study  of colour and how each gender described it, fascinating.

Colour Analysis Spectrum

A great reminder of how the same thing means different things to different people. Know your audience!

xkcd via John Dodds.

Secondly, the top 20 planning blogs are:

01. advertising lab
02. Noah Brier dot Com
03. Nick Burcher
04. We Are Social
05. The Musings of An Opinionated Sod
06. Only Dead Fish
07. brand new
08. adliterate
09. The Curious Brain
10. Herd – the hidden truth about who we are
11. Adspace Pioneers
12. Get Shouty
13. 180/360/720
14. russell davies
15. Servant of Chaos
16. Mike Arauz
17. Make Marketing History
18. Talent imitates, genius steals
19. The Hidden Persuader
20. Interactive Marketing Trends

from Plannersphere Top 20 – May 2010 – MisEntropy. Enjoy

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