Social Media Aggregation

Over the last three years or so, I’ve delivered countless “Social Media 101” presentations. I try to customize each deck for the audience and evolve the content over time. At Radar/Tribal DDB I’m lucky enough to be able to draw on some amazing content from my talented and more experienced colleagues.

Eric Weaver from our Vancouver office delivered the keynote presentation at Microsoft’s “Social Media 201” conference. It must be good – it was the highest viewed presentation on SlideShare that day. Check it out – The Socially Powered Enterprise

As you can see, there’s plenty of shared content with the latest iteration of my own “101” (or 102 as it would be more accurately called by now) presentation. I called it a “Social Media Aggregation” as very little of the work/stats/graphics is my own – I’ve taken bits from various different corners of the Internet and aggregated them together.

The best thing about this thing we called “social media” is the corresponding theme of “shared knowledge”. I don’t necessarily need to know all the facts and stats – I just need to know who has them and/or where to get them which is why the “Social Media Aggregation” title is, I think, fitting.

NOTE: this is one of my first presentations using Keynote (as opposed to PowerPoint) so there are some issues with the animation and I haven’t been able to edit the slides to replace the big black boxes with the actual videos. However, I can tell you I led off with this gem:


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