Frandoms on Stimulant Online

This week I was asked to curate the Frandoms section of Stimulant Online by picking five cool things in the online space – but no ads! They’re posted below for your reading enjoyment:

1. Chicane – Come Back

Chicane has been one of my favourite groups for a long, long time, and the group’s music videos have always been avant-garde and very “arty.” However, as the audience has changed, the band’s style has changed. The last video is very much a modern day production – full colour, low(er) production values and a cheeky British feel to it. Rather than something you admire and move on from, it is something you want to share and be that person who solicits a big grin from a colleague or friend.

Via Nick Burcher.

2. Let Me Google That For You

If you’re reading Randoms, you’re likely the person people go to for the silly questions they don’t have the time or inclination to answer themselves. What day is St. Patrick’s Day? Do YOU know the population of Canada? What’s the URL for that website? Now you can just send them here.

3. Social Flooring

If I have to re-lay my hardwood floors, I’m going to reuse wine crates and ask the guys at German company Parador to do it.

Via Duarte Da Silva.

4. Type Upside Down

One of the things I love about the web is the number of very cool applications which have one use but which are so useful, you just keep on coming back. Ever wanted to confuse and confound someone? ˙uʍop ǝpısdn ǝdʎʇ

5. Welcome to Fight Club

I’ve shared this on Twitter and Facebook a bunch of times and showed it off in presentations. I was delighted the Stimulant team let it slide!

Facebook comes up a lot when we talk social media – but for good reason. Facebook, far from being just a website is becoming a platform which can provide an amazingly rich, contextual experience which totally immerses and involves the user. When you can do that, your creativity is unlimited…such as with the Fight Club app. It runs a trailer for the movie but pulls in your photos and data (job title, name, etc.), making you part of the experience. Very cool. [Ed. note – yes, this is technically promoting a movie, but it’s Fight Club, so we’re letting it slide]


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