Mitch Joel: The Art of Marketing

I had a great day at the The Art of Marketing conference earlier in March and this, and this series, of blog posts will be my attempt to crystallise some of the myriad thoughts inspired and provoked by the speakers.

This was the first time I’ve seen Mitch speak and I was not let down. There’s a certain gravitas from being tall bald and dressed in black!

His theme was “ctrl + alt + delete” and burn the ships, a la Cortes and the new world. Reboot and start again because this new world is entirely different.

– a US study showed that 40% of people sleep while watching TV. Marketers, divide your GRPs accordingly

– 81% of holiday shoppers read online reviews (Nielson, 2008): be online

– Bazaar Voice has hosted and vetted more than 10bn reviews. The average score is…4.3/5. You have very little to fear from opening up your owned media presence to comments and interaction

In fact, a bad review lead to higher conversion rates both on and off line! After all, a review is in the eye of the beholder and something that the reviewer thinks is bad or wrong with the product could be exactly what someone else is looking for. However I wonder what a slew of bad reviews would do? If your product sucks, no marketer can help you. Not even Mitch.

– This blew my mind. 20% of searches performed on Google each day have never been done before. The long tail in action or simply users looking for ever more precise information?

– Mitch suggested marketers shift 100% of their budgets to search until that channel was optimised. I respectfully suggest that that approach will struggle to see the light of day for CPG marketers until we can prove the link from online marketing and offline sales. Also, I believe in integration (and social media)

– Mitch told the story of the “Kevin Bacon will cure cancer” experiment and expounded the virtues of small world theory (how everyone is connected in increasingly smaller networks) and I wonder how two competing theories survive? In this case, small world theory vs. Dunbar’s number (which states the maximum number of people someone can have in their network is 150)…thoughts below please 😉

A really good session which got my synapses firing in a big way. Some final questions I was thinking about:

– why should people connect with you and/or your brand online?
– marketers need the space and freedom the try things
– the key question is “how can we get our stories to spread online and off?”

Thanks to the Art of Marketing team for a pair of free tickets and a discount for Ed Lee’s Blogging Me Blogging You readers. Thanks also to Rob Gee, winner of the inaugral BMBY conference contest, for being a great conference buddy.

(Posted on my BlackBerry using the WordPress application – will add in links and formatting later)


2 Responses to Mitch Joel: The Art of Marketing

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  2. Many thanks for the kind words Ed. You’re a good man, Charlie Brown. While I am here, major congrats on the new gig… they are lucky to have you!!

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