What’s The Next Big Thing?

What’s going to be big in two years?

What was the last big thing?

Sometimes the things we think are mainstream, aren’t.

Sometimes the things we take for granted, no one else has heard of.

Sometimes the things we think will change the world, no one else uses.

Social media can be one big huge echo chamber amplifying and enhancing the slightest piece of signal into the next big thing. It’s our duty, as advocates of social media, to take a step back and really think whether the new technology or product we’re highly enamoured with will actually have long term utility to our clients/employees or whether they should just experiment with no long term commitment.

Via: What’s Twitter? | Management Blog | FT.com.


One Response to What’s The Next Big Thing?

  1. Joe Boughner says:

    Great minds indeed, Ed. Thanks for writing the post I’ve had in draft mode for several weeks now.

    The need to be on the bleeding edge of every new technology baffles me. Unless your only goal is to impress the other early adopters, where’s the value in the constant oneupmanship?

    I think we do ourselves a disservice by constantly adopting and abandoning tools. We further the impression that we’re elitists and we make it harder and harder overcome the adoption gap.

    Someone actually suggested recently that keyboards will be obsolete in five (I think) years. Really? Really? That person needs to spend less time at SXSW and more in the real world.

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