Sean Boyle Advertising Insights

Some great insight into improving your advertising (and marketing in general I think) in 10 easy steps from Sean Boyle, Global Planning Director at JWT:

1: Start Telling The Truth

2: Stop The Politics

3: Start Having Fun Again

4: Stop Overthinking Things

5: Start Doing Something

6: Stop The Incessant Research

7: Start Doing Good

8: Stop Banging On About Digital

9: Start Ups Again Please

10: Stop Using Animals In Commercials

Check out the video for a much better delivery:

via Make Marketing History: The Stop/Start 10 Commandments. and David Brain’s Sixty Second View: Sean Boyle.

NOTE: #8 edited so it doesn’t turn into a smiley face 8) Thanks Parker.

One Response to Sean Boyle Advertising Insights

  1. Parker says:

    11.) Stop using smiley faces to replace the numeral 8 on a list.

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