Essential BlackBerry Apps

Clearly I love my BlackBerry but as I’ve said before, I can suffer from iPhone envy. Here are the apps I’ve used to customise my BlackBerry experience and stave off the green eyed monster:

  • WordPress – being used to write this blog post
  • The Score – the best sports news, scores and highlights app out there. Yes, it even streams highlights to your BlackBerry
  • Foursquare – I’m not sure what to make of the location based game but I’m enjoying it and the native app helps me enjoy the experience that much more
  • MaxMem – an app to free up space for all the other apps. This is essential if you are app-happy because the security settings on a BlackBerry require you to save apps to the local memory…so even if you have a micro-SD card, your memory for apps is limited.  MaxMem lets you delete all the bloated firmware that comes pre-installed on your BlackBerry
  • Genicious – to save bookmarks to delicious on the go
  • BlackBerry App World – I usually find myself downloading directly through the browser but this helps keep my apps up to date
  • UberTwitter – my preferred Twitter app
  • Facebook – I have to admit that the Facebook app is less than ideal, especially compared to the iPhone, but when hooked up with an email account, it works well enough
  • Google maps – perfect for when you’re lost or when you don’t want to fire up the GPS in the car

Not apps per se but still indispensable for my mobile life:

  • Berry Bloglines – synced with my Bloglines account and way better than the official mobile version
  • A second email inbox – since Hotmail allowed pop/imap access, I asked our IT manager to add my personal account as an additional inbox and it has been quite awesome
  • Just for the Olympics, I’ve been enjoying the Yahoo! mobile portal

How about you? What apps are essential for your BlackBerry?

Disclosure – I worked on a personal campaign for Jim Balsillie, co-CEO of RIM, maker of the BlackBerry.


2 Responses to Essential BlackBerry Apps

  1. I’d add Evernote ( to your list.

    For all the things you’d like to remember on-the-go (that you’d otherwise be bound to forget) its pretty neat. It also has text recognition in images, so if you take a photo of an ad or other graphic, it can actually search for the words in that image.

  2. Parker says:

    Great list, Ed. I’ll have to check a few of these out.

    However, I think you’re forgetting Wordmole. It might be the most addictive mobile game I’ve played.

    Also, I’m not sure if it is the WordPress app you’re using but the links in your blog post didn’t appear in your RSS feed.

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