Asking Better Questions

One of the things I am very bad at is asking the right questions. So it was great to see the Harvard Business Review with some tips to asking those questions.

  • Be curious. Being curious is essential to asking good questions.
  • Be open-ended. Open-ended questions prevent you from making judgments based on assumptions, and can elicit some surprising answers.
  • Be engaged – show that you are interested with affirmative facial expressions and engaged body language. This sets up further conversation and gets the individual to reveal information that could be important. People will open open up — especially on sensitive subjects — if you actively show interest.
  • Dig deeper – so when information surfaces in your dialogue, dig for details without straying into recrimination. Get the whole story. Remember, problems on your team are your problems.

Learn to Ask Better Questions – The Conversation – Harvard Business Review.

One Response to Asking Better Questions

  1. Akash Sharma says:

    I was looking for something different on the web got it here,These tips are really practical and will surely help in asking questions.
    One of the most important use of asking questions comes when we want to engage into a conversation or starting a conversation, making comments on blogs also.
    I think being curious is the key….

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