It’s easy…

…to show your effort when everyone’s watching.

Watching the Olympics cross country skiing today it was interesting to see people coming into the final stretch starting to really crank it out. Of course, all the real work would have been done already so unless you’re in or close to the lead all the blustering at the end is just that, blustering.

It’s easy to go all out when there are thousands cheering you on. It’s much harder to go all out when no one’s looking. When it’s just you and the clock.

As Miles Nadal (@milesnadal), CEO of Veritas’s majority shareholder tweeted:

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” Henry Ford

Too true.

Diisclaimer: I’m not trying to disparage any Olympians. Just being there is an acheivement I will never be able replicate. This is an observation that applies to the rec league soccer player, middle aged gym rat or high school cross country runner.

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