Belgium Ad Agencies On Strike

The new business process can be long, arduous and frustrating when you work at an marketing agency. And that’s just when you win! The hours cramped around a boardroom table making last minute tweaks to tactics or sweeping strategic changes based on new insight are tiring, to say the least.

To combat the killer combination of unscrupulous clients and desperate agencies, 10 years ago the advertising industry in Belgium created a charter which defined the new business process for clients and agencies alike. However, in recent years, the charter started to fall by the wayside and was being ignored by both parties.

So once again the industry banded together and took drastic (industrial) action to close down their Web sites for a week – showing clients, colleagues and peers that there was a problem and how to deal with it. Impressively, 27 agencies signed up to do this which meant the industry could implement a collective and compelling narrative which takes the reader through all participating agency’s Web sites – rather like the famous Pringles big box ad.

Rather than do that, you can simply click through the below sideshow made up of screen shots from participating agencies’ Web sites:

That eminently clickable Pringles ad:

Great execution for a worthy cause which we all hope will affect real change.

Hat tip to Matt DiPaola of Proximity for this one.


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