Valentine’s Day Video – Football or Love?

I’m not sure exactly how this idea was conceived but “let’s get 50 or so loud beery geezers in a pub singing a soppy love song” doesn’t sound like the most compelling of pitches.

The result, however, is strangely compelling. The raw beauty of the male voice and the intensity of the “choir’s” singing made me watch all the way through. Take a look at the PUMA Hard Chorus singing Truly Madly Deeply:

I won’t be sending this to my Valentine*, which you can do at PUMA Hard Chorus, but I love that a sports brand, known for its machismo is trying to forge that emotional connection with its consumers.  Football players who wear PUMA are fiercely loyal to the PUMA Kings line (beautifully soft kangaroo leather uppers with a simple, sleek design) and this sort of compelling, long form content provides them an excuse, a “why now”, to extend that connection and spread their advocacy for the brand.

More than that, I love the insight that this is built on. That for this year’s Valentine’s Day, football fans all over the world face a conflict between the one they love and the one they have always loved. As Nick Burcher puts it:

Atletico Madrid vs Barcelona; Manchester City vs Liverpool; Napoli vs Inter or romance with a loved one.

Via: PUMA Hardchorus Valentine’s Day viral – love vs football.

Disponibile anche in Italiano

* Actually, using Facebook Connect, I did send this to my Valentine which will undoubtedly precipitate an immediate upgrade in the real-life gift department…


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