My Favourite Superbowl Ad – Terry Tate; Office Linebacker

Superbowl Sunday is fast approaching and I realised that I’ve never done a Superbowl ads post.

Without doubt, my favourite Superbowl ad is one that I did not see during the big game. It’s one I constantly talk about with existing and prospective clients as an example of using marketing to create compelling content which lives on as an online asset – something which will spark conversations for years to come.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you Terry Tate.

Extended version:

This ad was so good, it evolved into long-form Webisodes which have gone on to garner literally millions of views across the World Wide Web.

Sensitivity Training:

Draft Day:



One Response to My Favourite Superbowl Ad – Terry Tate; Office Linebacker

  1. Sheraz says:

    The Terry Tate series has to one of the most entertaining commercials sets ever developed. Watching these commercials brings back memories. They define guerilla marketing to a T,and are one of the better examples of the effectiveness of viral videos and how swift they are able to reach the target audience and beyond. This is precisely what Nike does with their commercials as it takes the nuances of sports and appeals to consumers in an open forum rather than a rigid corporate message.

    Truly one of the more well thought of marketing campaigns reebok has put together…

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