The new newsworthy

When I was starting out in PR, a lot of the discussions our team had with clients was what “newsworthy” or not. Was this new RFID reader newsworthy? What about this new wifi standard? Business Intelligence dashboard?

Or, how can we put the right context around this product to make it newsworthy? Chocolate fashion shows, national canonball championships etc etc.

But the world is changing. More and more I’m speaking to my clients about the need to create content to fuel the direct interaction with the audience. In an era dominated by shortform content and instant interaction, the sort of content which works doesn’t have to be newsworthy, it just has to be “huh-worthy”. Your goal in creating content is to ellicit a reaction. Within Facebook, for example, you’re looking for the end user to just click “like” or make a short comment – thus sharing the content throughout their network.

In the real Web, your content doesn’t have to change the world, it just has to inspire the reader to share it – via email, their blog, Twitter or myriad tools which allow social sharing.

Your news doesn’t have to be newsworthy but it does need to be huh-worthy. That doesn’t mean it can be any less remarkable though.


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