What Makes a Great Mentor?

From a survey released by the Marketing Hall of Legends, in association with Hotspex. Sample size was just 216 so while we can’t take the following as gospel, the stats provide an interesting jumping off point.

What are the most important traits young marketers look for in a mentor?

  • Honesty: 89%
  • Offering relevant insights: 89%
  • Asks tough questions: 74%
  • Is motivational: 72%
  • Transparency: 60%

Elsewhere in the survey:

  • Of those without, 88% are interested in having a mentor, with younger respondents indexing higher; only 18% have one
  • 40% of mentees feel that having more than one mentor is beneficial because it provides different perspectives
  • Less than 1/3 of marketing professionals seek career guidance outside of their company
  • 71% of marketing professionals are mentored by fellow colleagues or managers – raising interesting questions around the objectivity of the guidance they are receiving

Thanks to the team at Maverick PR for passing this one on.


One Response to What Makes a Great Mentor?

  1. Mike Klein says:

    I’m surprised that ‘networked’ or ‘connected’ isn’t higher on the list. It would seem having a mentor who can help open doors would be quite valuable.


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