Social Media “Plan on a Page”

I found this great social media planning tool on the Marketing Leadership Council’s Wide Angle blog. For those of us who come up with wordy, overly long 50 page proposals to introduce social media for our clients, this instills real business discipline to distill our thinking down into one page. It also provides important guidance as to the sort of information our clients/colleagues need to “sell” these sorts of programmes internally to business focused audiences.

To move your organization from social media discovery to principled experimentation, you’ll need a plan.  Here’s what we suggest.

This Social Media “Plan on a Page” has 5 key components:

  1. Business Objectives & Audience Dynamics: What does your business stand to gain (or lose) from social media?
  2. Hypotheses: How do you believe social media will help you advance your business goals?
  3. Experiments: How will you test those hypotheses?
  4. Metrics: How are you going to know if it worked?
  5. Governance Mechanism: How will you keep social media coordinated across the company?

Wide Angle » Social Media: The Dangers of Discovery.


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