The Art of Marketing Special Offer: Toronto March 2nd

The Art of Marketing conference takes place in Toronto on March 2nd and you should be there. More on that later. The event features six global marketing leaders although it only needed one to convince me that I should go (as a guest of the organizers):

Seth Godin. I am a huge fan of Seth’s and having watched almost all the YouTube/TED videos I could find of him, I am so very excited to see him speak in person.

However, I don’t want to let my fanboyishness of Seth obscure the other great speakers who I am equally excited to see. They include my friend Mitch Joel, Dan “Made To Stick” Heath, Max “Experience the Message” Lenderman and Sally Hogshead while James “Adland” Othmer rounds up an all-star cast.

From the conference Web site:

Developed to answer the questions currently facing your organization The Art of Marketing will provide a clearer understanding of how marketing has changed, what role it now plays in the buying decision, its impact on your business and ultimately how the consumer views, interacts and positions your brand in a crowded marketplace.

But far more importantly than that, this event, from my perspective, will open your mind to new techniques and then inspire you to try them for yourself and for your employer/clients. If working in this space has done anything for me, it has broadened my horizons quite considerably and allowed me access to some of the best thinkers in our industry. For that, I am forever grateful.

More details on the day’s agenda are here.

Because this seems like such an awesome opportunity, I asked the conference organisers to allow me to give the opportunity for one lucky Blogging Me Blogging You reader the chance to attend the conference as my guest. They agreed so I have one free ticket to see these amazing speakers on march 2 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Please just leave a comment to this post (with your email address in the form field) saying what you would hope to get out of the event below. I will pick my favourite and even buy you lunch at the event – travel is, unfortunately, on your own dime.

If you don’t fancy the lottery of trying to win a ticket, you can purchase one at a reduced rate and save $50 off the list price (link has the discount already embedded).

Thanks to the fine folks at The Art of Productions for this offer.

**UPDATE** I will be doing a draw on Feb 2 so get your “entry” in now!

**UPDATE 2** Better late than never. Just did a draw and Rob Gee has the free ticket. Congrats Rob; sorry to all the other commenters.


11 Responses to The Art of Marketing Special Offer: Toronto March 2nd

  1. Judy Gombita says:

    Four men and one woman in the line-up. Hmmm. I remember that the Art of Marketing group’s events always seem to be testosterone charged.

    Maybe they want/expect to only attract male registrants? (Or only 20 per cent female, in this case?)

  2. Chris Clarke says:

    Ed, I already know I’m your lucky reader, so shall I book March 2nd in my calendar? Cheers!

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  4. Rob Gee says:

    Hey Ed, thanks for sending out this great opportunity!

    This is an exciting time for marketers! While new media opportunities like mobile, augmented reality and social media have changed the way brands must communicate with their audience, creating an engaging story and user experience is still key. I’d like to learn how we can use these outlets as a tool to effectively enhance our story. I would also like to learn who’s doing it right, who’s doing it wrong and how can we learn from both experiences? In addition to the hard knowledge gained, conferences are a great place to network and catch up with industry friends. There’s also a unique energy in the air when you bring together a group of like-minded people all wanting to learn from the industry’s brightest minds. I always feel incredibly inspired.

  5. Stephen Allcock says:

    By the end of the day I will be able to answer the following:
    – What is the one thing that I simply must go and implement, measure and learn from this year?
    – And 2010 the year of….

    By the end of lunch I’ll have fresh insight to:
    – Where Ed stands on Rafa, foreign ownership and the fiasco that is Lucas Leiva?

  6. Mike Klein says:


    This lineup looks awesome!

    Here is why I think I deserve to go with you:

    1. I’m a Seth fanboy like you 🙂 I have a rare collection of Seth’s hair in a jar along with a pile of receipts I dug out from his trash. Seriously, I owe my career to Seth as he taught me so much more than my degree ever did.

    2. I love to converse about technology, marketing, blogging and social media. As well, I’m an avid fly fisher and mean mandolin player. If any of those topics appeal to you then I’m sure we would get along fine. 🙂

    4. I’m Canadian. Which means I’m smarter than the average bear and can track a moose in the middle of the night.

    5. I’m incredibly energetic, and I love to network and have a good time. No Debby Downer here.

    6. I blog and I would love the opportunity to blog about the day (ideally vlog the day) and add value to my readers.

    Many thanks for this opportunity!

    Mike Klein

  7. Colleen C says:

    I’d love to attend this event for a few reasons. First, I own (and actually have managed to read) books by a few of the presenters, including Seth Godin, Max Lenderman and Dan Heath. It would be great to hear them speak, it always brings the books to life for me.

    Second, I’m just launching my own business, which helps entrepreneurs in the launch or relaunch stage get started, get moving, get unstuck and get it done. So the inspiration of hearing these great presenters would be terrific.

    And last, I am a passion junkie. For as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed listening to and learning from passionate people. And the line up at the Art of Marketing event certainly is one passionate line up.

    Thanks for the opportunity and for considering me!

    Colleen Cole

  8. Ed Lee says:

    Congrats to Rob Gee who not only had my favourite comment but who also won a random draw.

  9. Mike Klein says:

    From Thunderbay…30 days into the March East

    Ed, I’ve been walking for days now. The horses are getting tired and I think we’re being followed by wolves. The food rations are getting smaller by the day.

    I just received your letter (delivered by pony express) in which you state, “Congrats to Rob Gee who not only had my favourite comment but who also won a random draw.”

    My hopes have been dashed. It looks like I’ll turn back to Saskatoon. I hope the horses are up for it…and we may have to beg for bread in Winnipeg to make the trek home…

    What’s that? A wolf just appeared from the bushes…he looks hungr

    🙂 In all seriousness, thanks for the chance and keep up the great posts! Cheers, Mike

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