Five Internet Communications Activities to Integrate into your 2010 Marketing Plan

The always thought provoking ClickZ has a listing of five projects online marketers may want to consider. The list is below, with some additions from myself 😉

Portable applications. An application doesn’t have to be on a mobile device, it just has to allow users to interact with your brand off your Web site – Facebook, Web site or blog and mobile are all channels to consider the pros and cons of.

Reskin your site. Use the Ed Lee elevator theory and change a few things.

Optimize your site. It’s vital you continue to make small tweaks to your most important pages and test the results. Consider asking the com.motion team to undertake a usability audit.

Be creative with promotions. But remember to track the customers who take advantage of them, once they enter your CRM system. For more on that, be sure to read Kevin Hillstrom’s Mine That Data blog. He’ll help you work out whether the customers you’ve acquired through promotions actually help or hinder your overall profitability.

Use the resources you have to their fullest creative capacity. As we all will!

BONUS: Conduct a brand health audit. You’d be surprised to see just how reasonable even the most sophisticated online brand health audit can be, and the insight you can derive from it, especially compared with Nielsen and Millward Brown research. Again, not to sound like too much of a shill, but the com.motion team is waiting to help you with this.


3 Responses to Five Internet Communications Activities to Integrate into your 2010 Marketing Plan

  1. You should write a post detailing what goes into a “brand health audit.” Or, maybe you have a link? It sounds like an interesting idea, and now is a good time to start thinking about it.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I second Aaron’s comment. I would love to read a post about what your “brand health audit” is all about.


  3. Ed Lee says:

    Aaron and WPT – good idea. i’ll look to write something up in my spare time.

    essentially a brand health audit is a look at what a brand’s consumers are saying about it from a number of different (qual and quant) angles. however, the most valid point of an audit is to map the target demographic against existing conversations. if a brand’s target is 18-24 and the group generating the most online coverage is 45+, it allows us to make recommendations on how to shift the tone of the conversation.

    it’s not as scientific as nielson or MB, but depending on the volume of data it can be a very starting block and/or benchmark.

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