Trends and Predictions for 2010

While I agree that forecasting should be best left to the weathermen and women of the world, it is always fun to a) try one’s hand at predicting the next 12 months and b) to divine the trends from others’ predictions.

My own predictions can wait until tomorrow but here are the best posts I’ve read on trends for communications, technology and somewhere in between for 2010.

Fred Wilson, who as a VC has what we call “skin in the game”, focuses on the following areas:

  • Mobile
  • Mobile
  • Gaming
  • New forms of currency
  • The cloud and APIs
  • Education, energy and the environment

Millward Brown and Dynamic Logic have 10 predictions, in two parts (part one | part two) in AdAge:

  • Online display: Don’t be blinded by the shiny and new (formats).
  • Viral video will move from art to science.
  • Gaming gets more social and mobile.
  • Mobile takes a bite out of online.
  • Here I am. Over here! (Location based services)
  • Search evolves, but not everyone notices.
  • Brands will realize online video is not a panacea.
  • Brands start taking advantage of social graphs.
  • Integration trend stimulated by privacy concerns.
  • Data integration enables insightful ‘tradigital’ learning.

The New York Times focuses on five areas:

  • Mobile
  • Location, location, location
  • Declining use of the landline
  • Web TV
  • Life streaming/cloud based storage

McKinsey Quarterly has five trends to shape business technology:

  • Convergence of IT and corporate finance
  • Increased tension around and scrutiny of IT budgets
  • Need to demonstrate hard business ROI from IT projects
  • Increased regulatory demand (SOX, Basel II etc)
  • Increased offshoring and outsourcing

Peter Himler, The Flack, has five trends for 2010 in public relations and communications:

  • The most successful public relations programs will combine traditional PR competencies with social media acumen
  • PR firms that are not fluent or have successful track records in social media will increasingly lose new business
  • The media will continue to fragment as journalists/bloggers grow their individual brands
  • Corporate communicators will wield increasing influence through their activity in social media channels.
  • And, like today, no one marketing discipline can lay outright claim to "owning" social media in 2010. The lines will continue to blur. has 10 consumer trends it is tracking this year:

Finally, Who’s Blogging What has asked some of the leading thinkers in this space to answer five questions (and a bonus). Those questions are:

And as my bonus to you, my own seven trends (up and down) which were published in the latest issue of Marketing Mag will be published here tomorrow.


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