Veritas Communications Touchdowns and Fumbles Special Teams: Facebook Colours Touchdown

From the Touchdowns and Fumbles blog:

Facebook breast cancer awareness campaign

If you have logged on to the social networking site Facebook today, you will see it is a very colourful place. Thousands of women (and inexplicably some men) have been posting their bra colours as their status updates – hence the appearance of “red”, “leopard”, “sparkles” and even the more salacious “nude”. Early sources indicate that a breast cancer survivors network in Detroit is behind this meme which you can also follow on Twitter by searching for #breastcancerawareness.

Whoever started the meme, we’re awarding them a com.motion special teams Touchdown for a classic social media campaign – a simple idea which has captured the imagination of many thousands of women worldwide. By just posting a few letters, women everywhere are instigating conversations which inspire their networks to action – seeking out why the cryptic message has been posted and then finding out it supports a worthy cause. Any idea, no matter how small and seemingly meaningless that can drive that level and volume of action deserves a Touchdown!


4 Responses to Veritas Communications Touchdowns and Fumbles Special Teams: Facebook Colours Touchdown

  1. I didn’t notice this until RIGHT after I read this. I give them huge props for using Facebook to do this. Most brands are using Twitter for stuff like this and it’s nice to see something this simple being so effective.

  2. […] RT @edlee: my td+f piece was the facebook bra colour meme: [link to post] (cc: […]

  3. […] While I was obviously interested, it seemed…silly. How was my profile picture (or posting one’s bra colour) going to raise any money to support this very needy cause. How was everyone on Facebook’s […]

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