Managing Your Inner Critic

Without doubt, I am my own worst critic. Nothing is ever good enough, everything could have/should have been done differently, everything going wrong is my fault.

I deal with this inner dialogue by reminding myself that no matter what situation I find myself in, those who have allowed me to get into that situation believe in my ability to make the most of it, to get myself out of it or if I truly fail, to learn from that experience.

Here are three ways Harvard teaches you to deal with that inner critic, insidiously eating away at all of us.

  • Examine your inner critic.
  • Understand that your inner critic can actually help you.
  • Act in spite of your inner critic.
  • Thank your inner critic for its opinion and speak up anyway.

More here:

How to Manage Your Inner Critic – The Conversation – Harvard Business Review.


One Response to Managing Your Inner Critic

  1. Parker says:

    If we hung out more often, I’m sure I could be a much worse critic of you than your inner self.

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