Top 20 Facebook Fan Pages

A little data pull from Facebook on a cold Calgary morning:

1 – Michael Jackson. 10.5m fans

2 – Vin Diesel. Really, Vin Diesel. I was surprised too. Shows you the power of irony! 7.2m fans.

3 – Barack Obama. 7m fans.

4 – Facebook. Yes, people become a fan of Facebook on Facebook.

5 – Mafia Wars. The annoying Zynga social game.

6 – Texas Hold ‘Em. Another social game from Zynga

7 – Megan Fox. Over rated in my opinion but you can’t argue with 5.3m people/fans/teenage boys

8 – Starbucks. A really good example of a great way to use Facebook.

9 – RIP Michael Jackson (We Miss You). Surely this should be combined with #1? and notably the first fan page on this list without a vanity URL…

10 – I ❤ Sleep. Proof that a good name will go a long way. An interesting name will make it easy to click on for the user.

11 – Pizza. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I guess is being reserved for an international pizza chain?

12 – Lady Gaga.

13 – Will Smith. The fastest growing demographic on Facebook is 35+ women?

14 – Twilight. See “Smith, Will”

15 – Dr House. The only fictional character in the top 20.

16 – I need a vacation. A good name really does go a long way.

17 – Coca-Cola. Famously an actual fan page before the corporation took it over.

18 – I hate really slow computers. See #s 10 and 16.

19 – YouTube.

20 – I hate waking up during a good dream and it won’t come back. Another good name and an example of people wanting to connect around a shared idea.


21 – Adam Sandler

24 – Linkin Park. Wonder if the band can convert all their 3.5m fans into purchasers of their music/tickets/merchandise?

Interesting stuff. It’s too close to turkey time for a fulsome analysis but I do find it fascinating that the make up of the top 20 is not totally dominated by brands and celebrities and that those celebrities are tier two or tier three celebrities – certainly Vin Diesel is hardly a bankable movie star in the way that Johnny Depp (2.1m fans) or Brad Pitt (102,464 fans) are.

In my mind, it shows the value of engagement – getting a critical mass of people into a community is job number one, but a close second is engaging those community members so they (either passively or actively) spread the word and recommend your community to their network.


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